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[last updated on Apr. 07, 2014]

Rodolphe Rougerie - INRA Orléans (UR 633 - Zoologie Forestière)

Postdoctoral researcher

Welcome to my personal page! (if you cannot read flash animations, please visit my old webpage)


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My main research focus is biodiversity. Describing, documenting, understanding it is part of my day-to-day work... and as far as invertebrates are concerned, we know very very little about them...While systematics is at the forefront of my research, one very fascinating aspect of studying biodiversity is how it brings new data on the very objects studied in other disciplines of biology. You will find more details about my research by following the links on the left, and browsing the images below will quickly take you into my world and introduce my "pet group", a family of (cool) moths named Saturniidae.